Hens for Houston

A movement to keep Houston current by allowing the raising of chicken hens on city lots

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  • Barred Rocks are generally calm hens which lay light to medium brown, slightly pinkish large eggs.
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– Next Mtg Sun. 7/21, 2-4 pm

Posted by cjkrebs on July 12, 2013

City Council meetings around the water cooler...

Next meeting Sunday, July 21st, 2-4 pm! Details on the mailing list!

We’ll update you on the council member meetings happening next week… we’re steadily working our way down the list!

If you have a moment, contact Al Hoang (District F — districtf@houstontx.gov) and Jack Christie (At Large 5 — atlarge5@houstontx.gov … he represents the entire city).

Tell them to support our ordinance… we’ll meet with them in-person next week!


Find your district… know your representative!


One Response to “– Next Mtg Sun. 7/21, 2-4 pm”

  1. lmusher said

    Sent an email to Mr. Christie. Thanks.

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