Hens for Houston

A movement to keep Houston current by allowing the raising of chicken hens on city lots

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  • Barred Rocks are generally calm hens which lay light to medium brown, slightly pinkish large eggs.
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– Share your story for subcommittee

Posted by cjkrebs on November 26, 2013

chickenstory with textThe Mayor’s office has indicated that the hen permit may move to subcommittee this December (date TBA).

In the meantime, we are collecting YOUR STORIES why hens are important to you and your family.

We are also recruiting more readers for subcommittee who will help us share your voices. (Send us an email if you might be able to attend as a reader, speaker or audience member!)

So SHARE YOUR STORY why hens are important by emailing us or posting below, and our readers will share with City Council!

Please include your name and district (or address), also. Stories from other cities welcome as well!

Thank y’all for sharing!



2 Responses to “– Share your story for subcommittee”

  1. Mays said

    My name is LaToyia Mays and my family’s life has been changed by our small flock of hens! My husband (who is a professional football player) and I are from the rough inner city of Chicago. Growing up, never did we imagine that we would have chickens but we have broken the stereotypes! After tasting a neighbor’s eggs, we decided that we would get chickens. I started to research, and before I knew it was obsessed with learning more about living healthy and producing as much of our own foods as I could. When I came across the fact that a chicken’s waste can be used in my garden and compost. Since getting our chickens, we are now building a greenhouse and living healthier than ever before! We have a home in rural Denver, where our 4 girls live in paradise. Those that dont know chickens, would be surprised at how much they compare to any other domestic pet. This past summer my husband was signed to the Texans, and I spent some time trying to find the perfect temporary home to bring ALL of my family to. Honestly, I thought “This is Texas, surely my hens will be welcomed down here.” Upon doing some research during my transition, I came across Hens for Houston and told my husband we should get involved!

  2. flara724@yahoo.com said

    I am interested in submitting my story or to serve as a speaker. I acquired a leghorn after it was hatched. He was so cute that we went and purchased three more chicks all different types. As a family we designed, built a coop, and raise the chickens. My son and daughter have learned the value of the chicken eggs nothing makes them happier than collecting the eggs in a basket. It’s like Easter everyday at our house. We eat the eggs everyday, we use them for baking, and give them away for free when someone wants a dozen. They love bread crumbs and corn. If we had more space we’d get more buy for the time three is more than enough. While the rooster may be a noise maker, he’s become one of us and the hens are sweet pretty ladies. Another perk is that we don’t have bugs and the grass is cut and fertilized naturally.

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